Eta Upsilon


Brief History of Eta Upsilon

After 96 years of providing learning, service, and research, Mississippi State University finally offered its students the opportunity to become a part of the "Frat so nice, they named it twice." On January 22, 1974, the efforts of several young men of achievement were rewarded when the Eta Upsilon Chapter of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc. became a reality.

The history of Eta Up is filled with 41 years of diversity. This chapter has initiated men from every walk of life and bound them together with a bond that most cannot comprehend. Eta Up's membership ranges from past Student Association Presidents, Senators, Cabinet members, Alumni Delegates, Roadrunners, Orientation Leaders, Honor Societies, Resident Assistants to MSU athletes on the football field and basketball courts. Eta Up's roll call includes businessmen, engineers, computer professionals, professional athletes, educators, law enforcement officers, and those working within the realms of government and public service.

"The Kappas from Eta Up"- these words bring a wide variety of responses from MSU alumni. Some recall the Nupes' GQ mentality and wardrobe; other remember the parties from "10 p.m. until the last female leaves." Some remember the Nupes' incomparable way with the women; other reminisce about how the Nupes always stuck together through thick and and thin. And of course, no one can forget the suave step teams that have taken Greek shows to a whole new level. While some responses may be less flattering, we the members of Eta Up have accepted our role as the "men you can't stand 'cause we're in such great demand." Whether tutoring at the local elementary school or just hanging out under the tree at the Union, history has proven that Eta Up has moved above and beyond the mere words that Noah Webster uses to define "fraternity." For we are truly the Frat above the others; the smooth, suave Nupes-the best of Brothers.